How to ensure the quality of custom shopping bags when placing an order with Tienyih? | Sustainable Business Solutions: Discover Our Range of Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

How to ensure the quality of custom shopping bags when placing an order with Tienyih? | Sustainable paper bags for retail.

How to ensure the quality of custom shopping bags when placing an order with Tienyih?

TIEN YIH ENTERPRISE LTD. concentrates on custom shopping bag. It is rarely one- stop service and passed ISO 9001 manufacture in the world, but we are ISO 9001 certified that can custom paper bag, non-woven bag, canvas bag and insulated bag. Our quality policy: Integrity, Commitment, Innovation and Custom trust. Whether it is for customers, suppliers, or internal employees, we all follow the same principles as the basis for production.

What are the benefits of bulk purchasing?

TIEN YIH ENTERPRISE LTD. is good at mass production purchase order. Through multiple manufacturing and production capabilities, we will provide their own project plan to our customers based on their delivery time and quantity. A project plan includes raw material procurement, batch production schedule, inventory management and logistics deployment. During the contract period, we can ensure the stability of packaging costs, stable shipment and quality. This way can reduce the administrative and inventory management costs of batch purchases.

Tien Yih's quality inspection report and equipment

We have strict acceptability criteria for raw material. Take non-woven fabrics for example. SGS inspection raw materials are free of heavy metals, plasticizers, and fluorescent agents. We select eco-friendly water-based ink, and our suppliers also provide relevant inspection reports. We provide the test report includes the burst strength of raw material, tensile strength test, swing test and load test.

The scope of tolerance for custom shopping bag raw materials

Tienyih has accumulated 30 years of experience, and is very familiar with the raw material of promotional bags such as Kraft paper, non-woven fabric and cotton canvas fabrics. Before mass production, we will D-check with Pre-production sample which confirmed by customers. We keep the production records, and inspected by ourselves in order to ensure product quality. Here are some tips for the scope of tolerance for custom shopping bag raw materials:

Non-woven Shopping Bag:
  1. THICKNESS / WEIGHT: ± 10g/m²
  2. Size: ± 2cm
  3. Handles length: ± 2cm
  4. There will be an asymmetry of ± 2cm on top hem of front and back panels
Paper Bag:
  1. THICKNESS / WEIGHT: ± 10%
  2. Size: ± 1cm
  3. Paste papers: ± 0.5cm
Canvas Bag:
  2. Size: ± 1cm
  3. There will be an asymmetry of ± 1cm on front and back panels.
Thermal Insulation Foam:
  1. THICKNESS / WEIGHT: ± 0.5mm
Quantity of delivery, inspection standards and manage defective products after shipment

Tienyih will formulate the proportion of production quantity loss according to our production experience. The actual delivery quantity can only be confirmed after production. Before placing an order, we will communicate the tolerance of the delivery quantity with our customers to ensure that the delivery quantity can meet their demand, and the payment will be requested based on the actual delivery quantity.

The quality inspection standard is based on the international AQL 2.5. Before shipment, we will inform our customer site acceptance by phone or mail.

According to defective products, you can make any dissent within seven days after receiving the goods. After discussion between the two parties, the quantity can be reduced, or the re-production by way of return and exchange (reproduction takes 30 - 45 working days).

How to ensure the quality of custom shopping bags when placing an order with Tienyih? | Enhance Your Retail Experience with High-Quality Insulated Grocery Bags

Tien Yih Enterprise Ltd. specializes in manufacturing a variety of custom shopping bags, including non-woven drawstring bags, insulated grocery bags, and eco-friendly cotton canvas bags. Based in Taiwan since 1993 and ISO 9001 certified, the company prioritizes environmental sustainability by using biodegradable materials and FSC certified paper. With over 30 years of experience, Tien Yih offers customized services to meet the diverse needs of businesses worldwide with its advanced and automated production processes.

Discover Tien Yih Enterprise Ltd, the leading custom shopping bag manufacturer, uniquely positioned as the only one in the world to hold ISO 9001 certification. Specializing in eco-friendly and diverse bag solutions, we offer products ranging from non-woven drawstring bags to insulated and paper grocery bags, each designed with sustainability in mind. Using biodegradable materials and FSC-certified paper, our company serves as a one-stop-shop for companies seeking quality and environmental responsibility in their packaging solutions.

TIEN YIH has been providing biodegradable environmentally friendly bags, both with advanced technology and 29 years of experience, TIEN YIH ensures that each customer's demands are met.