How to collaborate with Tienyih on a custom shopping bag project? | Leading eco-friendly shopping bag manufacturer | TIEN YIH

How to collaborate with Tienyih on a custom shopping bag project? | "Total solution" & "One Stop Service" are our core service. We are committed to innovation to assist customers enhance product value, and have established long-term relationship with our customers.

How to collaborate with Tienyih on a custom shopping bag project?

Before starting a custom promotional bag project, the more detailed demand information will shorten communication costs and get the most competitive price.
Tienyih has 30 years experiences in integrate custom shopping bag manufacturing process. We have listed the most common questions for your reference before starting the custom promotional bag project.

What necessary information should I provide when I make an inquiry regarding custom shopping bag?

Tienyih is specialized in custom Non-woven bags, paper bags, insulated bags and canvas bags, and we have plants in Taiwan and China. We can provide the product meets customer demand and their budget. The necessary information for inquiries includes material, size, thickness/weight, construction of promotional bag, accessories, design pattern and the demand quantity. Further you can provide lead-time, shipping information, packaging methods and other production requirements. We will offer more accurately quotation and the best packaging solution to you.

What are the common custom shopping bag materials? What are the differences?

The packaging costs typically account for 5-10% of overall sales price, so paper bags are usually the first choice for low unit price product packaging. Our manufacturing process is automatic roll to roll gravure printing matched ultrasonic process. Therefore, Tienyih selects environmentally friendly water-based ink, which is cost-effective.

If you focus on brand marketing, custom non-woven shopping bag is your best choice. Tienyih selects non-woven raw materials meet green concept of reusable material which are non-toxic, free of heavy metals and plasticizers.

The production process includes hand sewing and automated production. We suggest our customers the best molding structure and printing method according to their demand quantity.

Finally, custom cotton canvas promotional bags have several specifications choices such as thickness, special dyed, sizing and bleaching. Custom cotton canvas is suitable for screen printing, heat transfer and sublimation imprint method. The manufacturing process can only be made by hand, so the cost is higher. It is suitable for specific marketing activities with high budget or as the sales and promotion of brand bags.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will provide the best packaging integration solution for you.

What is minimum order quantity for Custom promotional bag?

Tienyih is rarely one- stop service manufacture in the world that can custom paper bag, non-woven bag, insulated bag and canvas bag.

Our production process is mainly based on fully automated production, and there are also related professionals such as manual printing and sewing. The following is our minimum order quantities for Custom promotional bag:

Hand sewing non-woven bag / insulated bag / canvas bag: 3,000pcs

Ultrasonic non-woven bag / Automatic Kraft Paper (sack) bag: 30,000pcs

What about Artwork format for printing?

When you place the order, Tienyih will provide dieline for you to set the printing pattern, which contains tips and precautions for printing safety range. After you send it back to us, we will review the drawing again to ensure that your artwork is presented in detail in the printing method. The following is precautions for artwork format:

1. Screen printing / Flexographic Printing (PANTONE): Vector format AI or EPS file.
2. Gravure Printing / Sublimation/Heat Transfer (CMYK): Vector format AI, PSD or JPG file.

* JPG and PMS information are needed because of color matching and our internal operating procedure.

How to collaborate with Tienyih on a custom shopping bag project? | Custom shopping bags with biodegradable materials | TIEN YIH

Based in Taiwan since 1993, TIEN YIH ENTERPRISE LTD. has been a manufacturer of paper bags and non-woven bags. Their main bag products include, non-woven drawstring bags, eco-friendly bags, shopping bags, insulated grocery bags, paper bags, cotton canvas eco bags and reusable shopping bags and biodegradable bags, which are eco-friendly and ISO 9001 certified.

We devoted to the development of automatic factory, and cultivating professional staff. Every year, we could produce about 5-8 million heat sealed non-woven bags; 1.5 million hand-sewn insulated bags and canvas bags and 5million paper bags. We expect to expand the production capacity of the fully-automated production non-woven bag and paper bag in 2023. We will concentrate on FSC certification and ESG related policies, and the sustainable development is our goal. With more than 29 years experience, Tienyih is specialized in manufacturing custom paper bag, non-woven bag, canvas bag, and has plants in Taiwan and China. We are ISO 9001 certificated.

TIEN YIH has been manufacturing paper shopping bags and non-woven bags, both with advanced technology and 29 years of experience, TIEN YIH ensures each customer's demands are met.