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Custom gorgeous baby full month gift bag.
Custom gorgeous baby full month gift bag.

This is the case Study for NOBEL's insulated bags. "The happiest thing is that wherever you go is that our promotional bags are everywhere!" said by NOBEL, a famous bakery brand in Asia. Our best-seller is panna cotta rolls. In order to keep high quality, we selected Styrofoam for packaging in the past, which is not easy to store and environmentally friendly because of its large size. This thing had been bothering us for a long time.
Tienyih assist us to launch the promotional bags with excellent thermal insulation and cost-effective, and it has been very good for us. We have had many customers tell us they’re visiting us especially for our great meals as well as our beautiful, insulated bags. They are willing to reuse our insulated bags, and this has enhanced our brand image! Tienyih offers professional and enthusiasm in customer service. Realize customer demands before cooperation and offer personalized shopping bags and insulated bags for us. Their quality inspection is more serious than ours. We are willing to cooperate with Tienyih next time.

By NOBEL / president

Systematically Integrate Shopping Bags-CHAN CHAU KU
Systematically Integrate Shopping Bags - CHAN CHAU KU

"Tienyih makes we feel at ease. This feeling is what makes us want to cooperate with them." said by CHAN CHAU KU. We are specializing in the baking industry. We updated our package all the time when we launched new products in the past. Tienyih helps us understand how to systematically integrate our packaging. Let different products share the same packaging box or shopping bag, simplify the procurement of items and inventory management. We realized that they have done outstanding work in packaging field. Tienyih has built trust and felt more comfortable collaborating with each other. They are trustworthy.


Festival And Holiday Gift Bags-HOLA
Festival And Holiday Gift Bags - HOLA

The quality of the product and brand are all enhanced! As a retailer, we submit proposals for festival and holiday gift, and the diversity and design of packaging are all important. After working with Tienyih, we found that they are packaging specialist. They not only provide us useful information for the sample but also are rigorous in every step from proposal, quotation, production to delivery. They make we feel at ease. We look forward to working with Tienyih again and stimulate more packaging sparks together!

By HOLA / Global Commodities Department Deputy Project Manager

Insulated Fresh Food_ Cake Bags-Heartcheese
Insulated Fresh Food & Cake Bags - Heartcheese

Customers are willing to buy an extra cake just to have our memorable branded insulated bag!
Because cheesecake needs to be refrigerated, many new customers ask us if we provide cooler bag or not. We found that frequent customers usually brought our competitors’ insulated bag. We would like to plan our own branded eco-friendly bag and insulated bag for a long time. Until we bumped into Tienyih, they let us make up our minds. The cost of custom eco-friendly bag and insulated bag is high, so we would like to enhance brand recognition in the market. We really care about the texture and design details presented by the fabric color. We produced the trial sample several times. We insist on presenting perfect product to our customer.
The bags designed by Tienyih are highly recognizable and memorable. Not only new customers ingrained memories in their mind but also frequent customers appreciate that the overall image of our brand has improved a lot. This promotional bag becomes a topic of giving gifts to clients or sharing with friends. Therefore, the orders from enterprises have increased as a result.

By Heartcheese / CEO

Full Month Sticky Oil Rice Gift Bag-TOUCH FOOD
Full Month Sticky Oil Rice Gift Bag - TOUCH FOOD

"Complementary relationship is similar to oil rice – heartwarming." said by TOUCH Food.
At the beginning, the company was preparing to develop new products. The initial idea was that let our customers remember moments when they buy the product. Therefore, we not only make changes in the content of the products, but also hope that the packaging can make breakthroughs. Tienyih assists us to change paper bags into non-woven bags, and this way took the market by storm. Broaden the traditional oil rice market’s horizon. It also meets the concept of environmental protection.
We felt that sales from Tienyih did not put sales performance at first. They treat customer demands as their product. From bags’ types, styles, colors to designs they provide different ideas and share their experience. This complementary relationship makes people feel heartwarming.

By TOUCH FOOD / Plant Manager

Promotional Bags As Marketing Media-Double Happiness
Promotional Bags as Marketing Media - Double Happiness

"Double happiness Worth or not? Just do it!" said by Double happiness.
Steamed bread is defined as a low- price commodity in the market. We face high and rising costs for raw material, and how to enhance competitiveness is an important topic. We really agreed Tienyih’s concept- make a Lasting impression on customers through product packaging is important, so we tried to make promotional bags as marketing media. After one year of using branded non-woven bags, we found that the sales turnover of physical stores has also grow to 50%!
Tienyih has been a long-term supplier of leading industries, so they could provide abundant resources and suggestions. They care about their client from the beginning to now. They have made us feel secure.

By Double Happiness / CEO

From bread to bag- The one thing that never changes is the concept of supporting Taiwan's industry.
We used cartons in the past, they took up a lot of room and inconvenient to pick-up. After we use fashionable and durable non-woven bags, they not only solve the problem of difficult carry-on. Our promotional bags are highly praised by our clients. They are willing to buy more bread just for our free gift (promotional bags). After working with Tienyih, we learned that there are many reasons that affect the quality of non-woven bags and they can be recycled and reusable. Their manufacturing base is in Taiwan, and this meets our philosophy of supporting Taiwanese industries and advocating environmental protection.

By Wu Pao Chun / Brand Manager

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Tien Yih Enterprise Ltd. specializes in manufacturing a variety of custom shopping bags, including non-woven drawstring bags, insulated grocery bags, and eco-friendly cotton canvas bags. Based in Taiwan since 1993 and ISO 9001 certified, the company prioritizes environmental sustainability by using biodegradable materials and FSC certified paper. With over 30 years of experience, Tien Yih offers customized services to meet the diverse needs of businesses worldwide with its advanced and automated production processes.

Discover Tien Yih Enterprise Ltd, the leading custom shopping bag manufacturer, uniquely positioned as the only one in the world to hold ISO 9001 certification. Specializing in eco-friendly and diverse bag solutions, we offer products ranging from non-woven drawstring bags to insulated and paper grocery bags, each designed with sustainability in mind. Using biodegradable materials and FSC-certified paper, our company serves as a one-stop-shop for companies seeking quality and environmental responsibility in their packaging solutions.

TIEN YIH has been providing biodegradable environmentally friendly bags, both with advanced technology and 29 years of experience, TIEN YIH ensures that each customer's demands are met.