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Quality standard and test repot for custom shopping bag factory-direct. | "Total solution" & "One Stop Service" are our core service. We are committed to innovation to assist customers enhance product value, and have established long-term relationship with our customers.

Quality standard and test repot for custom shopping bag factory-direct.

Quality Standard

Quality standard for custom promotional bags

Rapid delivery for high quality product is usually the main appeal for custom promotional bag suppliers. It seems that there is no standard definition of shopping bag's quality. Finally, it often determined by price, and it is not objective. TIEN YIH focus on the manufacturing process of each shopping bag and we follow ISO 9001 standard. Our quality management system is established through our 30-year-old manufacturing process experience. We provide test report as acceptance report for every batch production with load test, swing test and tensile strength test.

Tensile Strength Test of handle (ISO 9073-3)

Tensile strength test of the handle plays an important role in determining the quality of shopping bags. We will use professional equipment to measure the tensile limit value of each custom shopping bag until it is broken. We recorded and analyzed the data meet the standard or not. We ensure that each batch of production meet the average of our tensile Strength in order to control our quality.

Swing Test of Shopping Bags (CNS15331 Section4.8)

The way consumers use the bag may cause bags broken and can no longer be used. We use the fixed weight to test for 4 hours with amplitude of 70mm and a frequency of 60cycle/min. We also D-check the structure broken or not. This way ensures our good quality.

Load Test (Depends On Each Shopping Bag)

Load test is the basic way to measure weight resistance of shopping bags. The test standard is according to the weight of the content that the customer needs to load. We simulate the same weight of contents to load test for 24 hours to ensure the safety when using shopping bags.

Quality Standard | Insulated Grocery Bag & Insulated Delivery Bag Manufacturer | TIEN YIH

Based in Taiwan since 1993, TIEN YIH ENTERPRISE LTD. has been a manufacturer of paper bags and non-woven bags. Their main bag products include, non-woven drawstring bags, eco-friendly bags, shopping bags, insulated grocery bags, paper bags, cotton canvas eco bags and reusable shopping bags and biodegradable bags, which are eco-friendly and ISO 9001 certified.

We devoted to the development of automatic factory, and cultivating professional staff. Every year, we could produce about 5-8 million heat sealed non-woven bags; 1.5 million hand-sewn insulated bags and canvas bags and 5million paper bags. We expect to expand the production capacity of the fully-automated production non-woven bag and paper bag in 2023. We will concentrate on FSC certification and ESG related policies, and the sustainable development is our goal. With more than 29 years experience, Tienyih is specialized in manufacturing custom paper bag, non-woven bag, canvas bag, and has plants in Taiwan and China. We are ISO 9001 certificated.

TIEN YIH has been manufacturing paper shopping bags and non-woven bags, both with advanced technology and 29 years of experience, TIEN YIH ensures each customer's demands are met.