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The Common Material Used to Manufacture Reusable Shopping Bags | "Total solution" & "One Stop Service" are our core service. We are committed to innovation to assist customers enhance product value, and have established long-term relationship with our customers.

The Common Material Used to Manufacture Reusable Shopping Bags

Custom Shopping Bags by Material

Choose Custom Promotional Shopping Bag by material

The shopping bag materials are vital for the cost of custom shopping bags. Tienyih is a manufacturing factory, and our manufacturing process meet ISO 9001 management system. We have strict supplier criteria for raw material. Not only competitive price, the strength and physical performance of the raw materials are also the key points of the assessment.

Tienyih also selected eco-friendly and recycled material as our promotional bag raw material. We not only asked our supplier to provide the test report of raw material, but also planned the recycling plan to make recycling more efficient. This way can reduce the impact on the environment. Below, we will try to explain the common material for custom promotional bag- non-woven fabrics, Kraft paper and cotton canvas fabric.
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Custom Shopping Bags by Material

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Non-woven Bags - New marketing strategy- Custom Taiwan fashionable design NWPP bags
Non-woven Bags

Non-woven shopping bags are popular material for eco-friendly shopping bags, but the quality...

Cotton & Canvas Bags - Analysis of the cotton canvas bags-custom bag manufacture
Cotton & Canvas Bags

Cotton and canvas bags have several specifications choices and can be printed with any color...

Paper Bags - FSC certified custom Kraft paper bag
Paper Bags

When choosing paper bag materials, TIEN YIH ENTERPRISE LTD. does not like wasteful packaging....

Result 1 - 3 of 3

Custom Shopping Bags by Material | Eco Friendly Bag | Shopping Bag Manufacturer | TIEN YIH

Based in Taiwan since 1993, TIEN YIH ENTERPRISE LTD. has been a manufacturer of paper bags and non-woven bags. Their main bag products include, Custom Shopping Bags by Material, non-woven drawstring bags, eco-friendly bags, shopping bags, insulated grocery bags, paper bags, cotton canvas eco bags and reusable shopping bags and biodegradable bags, which are eco-friendly and ISO 9001 certified.

We devoted to the development of automatic factory, and cultivating professional staff. Every year, we could produce about 5-8 million heat sealed non-woven bags; 1.5 million hand-sewn insulated bags and canvas bags and 5million paper bags. We expect to expand the production capacity of the fully-automated production non-woven bag and paper bag in 2023. We will concentrate on FSC certification and ESG related policies, and the sustainable development is our goal. With more than 29 years experience, Tienyih is specialized in manufacturing custom paper bag, non-woven bag, canvas bag, and has plants in Taiwan and China. We are ISO 9001 certificated.

TIEN YIH has been manufacturing paper shopping bags and non-woven bags, both with advanced technology and 29 years of experience, TIEN YIH ensures each customer's demands are met.