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Promotional bag Manufacturing

Custom Shopping Bags by Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Ways of Custom Bag

Custom shopping bags are usually processed by ultrasonic and hand sewing. How to purchase the best shopping bag sizes for your purpose, and the joining seam could meet load requirement or not is the daunting task. Our professional team will explain machine characteristic and set tolerances with you before placing the order. We dedicated to improving our product accuracy yield.

Tienyih is the factory-direct for custom shopping bag. We have fully automatic production line and hand sewing production line. Based on the ISO 9001 quality management system, and we establish complete SOP for each process. We dedicated to enhancing our product accuracy yield.

We will explain machine characteristic and set tolerances with our customers before placing the order. This way can avoid custom shopping bag not meet customers load demand or the tolerance for dimension. Give customers the perfect purchasing experience. Below, we will try to explain production methods for custom promotional bag.
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Custom Shopping Bags by Manufacturing Process

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Automatic Non-Woven Shopping Bags - Full Automatic Production Promotional Eco-Friendly Non-Woven Bag
Automatic Non-Woven Shopping Bags

Automatic non-woven shopping bags not only meet all the packaging demands, but also have a dual...

Automatic Paper Bags - Carry Paper Bags and Paper Sacks for Retail & Events
Automatic Paper Bags

The Automatic paper bags can be used with earth-friendly water-based inks by flexographic Printing....

Ultrasonic Insulated Bags - Ultrasonic Insulated Bags
Ultrasonic Insulated Bags

Ultrasonic insulated bag is a new-generation products made by high-frequency hot pressing to replace...

Hand Sewing Bags - Handmade Bag Tips from Shopping Bag Manufacture
Hand Sewing Bags

From general hand sewing shopping bags to functional hand sewing insulated bags are all can be custom...

Result 1 - 4 of 4

Custom Shopping Bags by Manufacturing Process | Custom Cotton Canvas Bags: Perfect for Branding and Eco-Conscious Companies

Tien Yih Enterprise Ltd. specializes in manufacturing a variety of custom shopping bags, including Custom Shopping Bags by Manufacturing Process, non-woven drawstring bags, insulated grocery bags, and eco-friendly cotton canvas bags. Based in Taiwan since 1993 and ISO 9001 certified, the company prioritizes environmental sustainability by using biodegradable materials and FSC certified paper. With over 30 years of experience, Tien Yih offers customized services to meet the diverse needs of businesses worldwide with its advanced and automated production processes.

Discover Tien Yih Enterprise Ltd, the leading custom shopping bag manufacturer, uniquely positioned as the only one in the world to hold ISO 9001 certification. Specializing in eco-friendly and diverse bag solutions, we offer products ranging from non-woven drawstring bags to insulated and paper grocery bags, each designed with sustainability in mind. Using biodegradable materials and FSC-certified paper, our company serves as a one-stop-shop for companies seeking quality and environmental responsibility in their packaging solutions.

TIEN YIH has been providing biodegradable environmentally friendly bags, both with advanced technology and 29 years of experience, TIEN YIH ensures that each customer's demands are met.